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      在艺术的道路上一路走来的玲子,得到了许多行家的亲睐和专家的赞喻,其中不乏大师级艺术家的赞评,包括中国著名书画家,艺术教育家 刘海粟大师; 中国著名鉴赏家、书法家、评论家、享誉海内外的文博界的泰斗级大师 杨仁恺先生; 加拿大温哥华华人艺术家协会 会长周士心; 南京艺术学院 院长冯健新;中国美协广东分协秘书长黄亦生等。
     Along the way of art Ling Zi has got lots of a favorites and praises from many experts some of them are great artists, such as well-known Chinese painter, art educator Liu Hai Su masters; China famous connoisseur, calligrapher, critics, truly a master Mr. Yang Renkai; president of the Chinese artists Association, Vancouver, Canada, Shixin Zhou; dean of Nanjing Arts Institute Feng Jianqin; Guangdong China Artists Association Secretary-General Huang Yusheng and so on.

       你画梅花,是傲雪寒冬屹然挺立的老树新枝,怒放的花朵,傲霜斗雪,铁骨铮铮,分明是你把梅当人画,花当物语,笔墨的铺陈,钢筋铁线,自有一番动人心魄的气慨。悬冰百丈,雪舞霜欺。 "小石桥头香已到,赤栏杆外雪难浸" 这种独自为我的梅花品操,似乎满枝浮动清艳冷香的气息,铁骨冰心,绿萼初绽,梅花即我,我即梅。如是者也,也可称是王玲小女子,大气象的人生心印。
       你是在画牡丹吗?没有浓艳的俗媚,只是枝叶婆娑的护持着满纸的红、白、黄、紫,用"富贵花将淡写神"的一种灿烂心境,写出了淡古淡今的天香国色,是你 对生命美好的祈求。我比较欣赏此女子建构画境的佳妙。总是在宋、元传统险峻的山路上行走。似是而非,似此非彼,工意姿肆,天马行空,得意忘形。所以有一种 情感的要素支持着她创作的心绪,形成一种直抒胸臆的释放情韵。从她的一些花鸟画和山水画中能体会到画家此刻放笔抒怀的扣人心弦力量。
      古人云,艺无止境。苦学派的宗师李可染先生有"峰高无坦途"之哲语。 说给王玲听无非是老生常谈。她自己明白的很,在艺术上要有所成,就必须更加克苦与 努力。所以,她不免也因此叹息:"宇宙浩瀚,时空无限,人生犹如沧海一粟,生命是何等短暂啊!"所以,我愿意在她的画展前,为之击鼓:前面是有佛光的山峰。
        Ling Zi although not tall, she look likes a cute little woman and quite exquisite, you can feel the waves with intake soul force as long as she speech out. So, she mince words, walked tight line, even from northern to the southern. she never feel lonely and tirelessly created in the art field at end of the sea recent years. Recently, some of the paintings tucked overseas "Look, I'm going to do exhibition of the works in Nanjing ."
       Well, Ling Zi, you are little woman, you can sell the works at Nanking that is the ancient capital. that is not believable, but I'm shut when open the works, how great works ! that is kind of effortless, disdain for the universal ,I could feel the breath of the works.
        The plum you drowned, like new branches of erect trees which as steep hills stand upright at snow in winter, like blooming flowers to fight the cold as steel frame, The plum in your works as a human, especially the viewer can feel the kind of captivating mettle, such as feel the language of the object in the picture: the flower is talking, the snow is flying, as fragrant breath, The plum is I that I be plum too. So I call Ling Zi "Little Women, great power."
       Are you painting the Peony? it not rich and gaudy kitsch, but leaves whirling security the paper full of red, white, yellow and purple, etc. in the picture. To show the brilliant mind with her peony, The wonderful pesuit in your life were painted the pale with inexpressible fragrance and beauty. I appreciate this woman construct mood good. Always walk on the traditional steep mountain road which in the Song and Yuan dynasty. This is not plausible work, like or don't like, yes or no, with the powerful and unconstrained style, so there are some elements of a kind of emotional to support her creative mind, release the elegant form a direct. We can realize the painter has the exciting force with the pen to express feelings, from her works of flowers, birds and landscape painting, etc.
      The ancients said, arts indefinitely. The "peak height is no royal road to learning" the philosophy instructed by hard scholar Master Mr. Li Keran. To listen to Wang Ling said is nothing more than a commonplace talk of an old scholar. She understand it very clearly, to accomplish something in the arts, will be more hard and hard work. So, she can not help but also so sigh: "the vastness of the universe, space and time infinite, life is like a drop in the bucket, life is so short!" so, I would like to in her paintings before, to say:The front of road is a Buddha mountain. (Back to top)
                             中国美协广东分会秘书长 黄亦生    于2006当代墨韵《新世纪艺术》第五期15页

     南京艺术学院院长冯健新在南京王玲画展上评说道:看画很震动。我是先在二楼见到人,再来三楼看画展。整体印象是:画与人形成了鲜明的反差,作品的大胆与新颖 恰巧与画家古风的气质形成对比,这也许就是:心如奔洪浪急,而身立得脚定; 玲珑娇小气场,却能放眼更高的能量吧!
       Mr. Feng Jianqin the President of Nanjing Arts Institute commented at Ling Zi solo exhibition of Nanjing: look at the painting was shocked. I met her on the second floor then I go up to the third floor to look the exhibition. The overall impression is: There is the sharp contrast form between works and artist, bold and novel works in contrast to coincide with the painter ancient temperament contrast, perhaps this is: The heart like pentium rapids, while the solid foundation like stand set foot; the exquisite petite momentum, but will look forward to higher energy! (Back to top)

      加拿大温哥华华人艺术家协会会长周士心十年前在王玲画展上曾经评说:“看画,似出一高大威猛男人之手;看人,没想到是一个娇小玲珑的小女子。哈哈!气势磅 礴,画与人不符,真是你画的吗?....”
        President of the Canadian Vancouver Chinese Artists Association Zhou Shixin once commented on the Wang Ling exhibition ten years ago: "look at the painting, like a tall man hands; see, unexpectedly is a dainty and cute little woman. Ha ha! Great Momentum, painting and person do not match, is it really you draw? (Back to top)

     中国著名鉴赏家.书法家.评论家享誉海内外的文博界的泰斗级大师杨仁恺先生曾在王玲画集上评道: 王玲女士作品殊具新意,能从传统中走出一条新路,而又有传统基础,诚乃今日艺术界应有的新境界也。 (扬老80年代初期与著名书画鉴赏家谢稚柳、启功等人共同担任全国书画巡回鉴定专家小组成员,对全国各博物馆、图书馆、高等院校、美术馆、大专院校、文博机构、文物商店所藏书画,逐一过目,鉴定真赝)
       The famous Chinese calligrapher. Critics a connoisseur of world-renowned cultural circles level Master Mr. Yang Renkai has commented on the Wang Ling Album: Miss Wang Ling's works with new ideas, from traditional to blaze a new path, and have a traditional foundation, it is new realm of artistic circles should be today. (in early of 80's, Mr. Yang, famous painting and calligraphy connoisseur Xie Zhiliu, Qi Gong et al. Co chaired the national painting and calligraphy tour expert group members, to do the Works identification of true and false for the National Museum, Libraries, and Universities, art galleries, tertiary institutions, cultural institutions, cultural relics shops etc. ) (Back to top)

        一九八七年元月,我在中国珠海首次办个展,时值刘海粟大师与夫人客居中国珠海拱北宾馆"海涛别墅"。我在珠海电视台张欣导演的引荐下,有幸得遇大师。他见了我的 两幅梅花后,大加赞赏,对其中一幅并赠诗两句:"十年浩劫三更月, 数点寒梅记古训。"我请教大师,我这幅画面中并没有月亮,您为何题此句?大师言:"你这张梅花精神就 是三更天怒放的寒梅,有股不可阻挠的力量";"古人画梅太多,太绝, 要超脱, 不容易, 你这条路走对了"。并对张欣导演说:"她是一个很有潜质的女画家"。
    In January 1987, I had my first exhibition in Zhuhai, China, master Liu Haisu and his wife live in "Haitao villa" Palace of Gongbei of Zhuhai, China at the time. I had lucky to meet the master Liu Haisu by recommendation from Zhang Xin who is the director of Zhuhai television. Master Liu Haisu praised my plum which is two of works in my exhibition, he also wrote a poem for me:"The early moon in ten years of catastrophe, look at the plum to remember the lessons of history." I asked the master, there is no moon in the picture, why do you wrote like this sentence? The master said:" The spirit in your work just looks like the full bloom of moon, there is a power that can not be obstructed shares ";"so many painters work on plum since ancient, the works so good too, not easy to be detached, but you have your own way". And said to director Zhang Xin : "she is a promising female painter". (Back to top)